Come On Down Julianne Keller!

Random draw drew #77 which happened to be YOUR entry for the new iPad 2! Congratulations! Your answers were correct and you’ve WON!!

I’ve sent you an email, just respond with your snail mail addy and we’ll get this baby out to you.

Our congratulations go out to you. 🙂





To celebrate the release of their romantic suspense titles, Montlake Romance authors Trish McCallan and Norah Wilson are holding a really cool contest. One incredibly lucky entrant will WIN a brand new, 64 GB, Wi-Fi capable, Apple iPad! Prize to be drawn September 29th, 2012.

Full contest details can be found at the bottom of this page. Good luck!

But first, let us introduce you to our books!

Forged in Fire by Trish McCallan

Beth Brown doesn’t believe in premonitions. But her recent dream feels too real to ignore: a commercial airliner is hijacked, and a handsome passenger is shot dead. Beth hasn’t met the mystery man in her dream; she would never forget a gorgeous face like his. But she can’t deny the bizarre connection she feels. Now awake, and unable to allow for the violence she’s convinced is impending, she races to the airport…and comes face to face with the man of her dreams.

Zane Winters lives for his job, using his uncanny psychic powers to carry out missions for elite SEAL Team 7. Yet the constant adrenaline highs can’t drown out the numbness seeping into his life as he yearns to find a woman he can trust. All that changes when he meets a beautiful stranger who sets his soul on fire—and somehow knows he’s about to die.

To thwart the global crisis the hijacking will unleash, Beth and Zane join forces. But even amid the danger, they can’t deny the powerful force drawing them together. Is it merely attraction…or destiny?

Now available on Amazon | Amazon print or Barnes & Noble print!

Every Breath She Takes by Norah Wilson

Veterinarian Lauren Townsend has good reason for hiding her psychic ability. Not only did her “freakishness” earn her pariah status in the small town where she grew up, it cost her a fiancé and her faith in love. When Lauren foresees a murder—through the killer’s eyes—she traces the victim to a sprawling ranch, never guessing what waits for her…

Cal Taggart’s rugged ranch life doesn’t need any more complications. His stubborn determination cost him his marriage, and now may cost him his livelihood. But then beautiful Lauren enters his corral…with danger close behind. And Cal wants nothing more than to protect her. They can’t deny their intense attraction. Nor do they want to. What begins as a fling with no strings becomes a fight for survival—and for true love.

Now available on Amazon | Amazon print or Barnes & Noble print!

Contest Details

This contest consists of two parts.

Part One: By simply entering this contest, you give both Trish McCallan and Norah Wilson permission to add your email address to their newsletters. We promise not to spam you. Newsletters will only be sent out when there is actual news to report.

Part Two: To enter this contest, entrants must answer two questions. One question will pertain to Trish McCallan’s Forged in Fire. The other to Norah Wilson’s Every Breath She Takes.

The answer to Trish’s question can be found in the excerpt under the tab Forged in Fire at the top of the page.

Likewise, the answer to Norah’s question can be found in the excerpt under the tab Every Breath She Takes at the top of the page.

To enter the contest send an email to tandnsbiggiveaway@gmail.com with the answer to both questions. 

On September 29th, we will draw a random winner from the entries who answered both questions correctly.

PLEASE!! One entry per person! Duplicate entries will be disqualified!

Here are your questions!

Trish- (Forged in Fire)  “Why were Zane, Rawls and Cosky flying to Hawaii?”

Norah- (Every Breath She Takes) “What is the name of the young man who helps Lauren carry her bags to the cabin when she checks in at Cal’s ranch?”

Simply Email your answers to these two questions to tandnsbiggiveaway@gmail.com

Remember, by entering this contest you are giving both Trish McCallan & Norah Wilson permission to add you to their individual newsletters!


27 responses to “Home

  1. Angelia Schubert

    Thank you both for sharing your imaginations with us. These sound like really good books.

  2. Samantha

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Cool giveaway.

  3. Nikki Vosburgh

    Great contest! Thank you 🙂

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! Already got Trish’s book but will march right away and get Nora’s too! They sound great!

  5. I loved Forged In Fire, I want the second part now and the third and the fourth…..lol. Now I will have to read Nora’s.

  6. Judith Rawlins

    Great books, Trish and Norah! I am most definitely getting these. Thanks, too, for the contest.

  7. Great giveaway! Two fabulous new releases! Best wishes : )

  8. What a great contest! Definitely adding these two books to my “to be read” list!

  9. Michel Reinhard

    Love both of your writings! Trish: I have been hanging in suspense for the sequel to Forged In Fire. Norah: you always deliver a great read. Thanks for a great contest.

  10. Just entered. Read Forged in Fire last year so really really cant wait for the next one. Going to amazon now to check out Norah’s book! Alison

  11. You guys are awesome and I wish you both all the best. Love the contest.

  12. Cindy O

    I’m late to the game 🙂 Trish loved Forged and was soo happy to be able to add it to my bookshelf.. eBooks are great but sometimes you just want the paperback too of a great book 🙂 Norah’s EBST has been in my TBR pile – I really need to get to it..

  13. Jennifer Cower

    The answer to the first question is to attend a wedding. The answer to the second question is Seth. Just got done reading Trish’s book. On my way now to buy Norah’s! Thank you ladies for all you do.

  14. Staci aka Patches

    Thank You, Love the stories

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